May 28, 2015

Miss Amelia Lands a Duke
(The Caversham Chronicles Book 0)
By Sandy Raven

Spinster Amelia accepts a position as a companion to her social-climbing aunt who is planning her next wedding before she is even out of mourning for her second husband. And the man her aunt is stalking is none other than the wealthy widower, the Duke of Caversham.

Horrified by her aunt’s behavior, Amelia decides to hide away in their host’s library and gardens for the duration of their visit. On an evening walk through the maze she meets an older gentleman who intrigues and arouses her. She flees without learning his name, only to stumble across that same handsome gentleman in the library days later, where to Amelia's astonishment, he kisses her. And she kisses him back!

Amelia and the duke are caught in their passionate embrace by her aunt. Embarrassed at her own wanton behavior, Amelia flees the room believing he’s used her to avoid her aunt. After confronting her aunt, the duke does what he believes is the honorable thing and makes plans to marry Amelia.

Only he never asks her.

Smiling at Heaven
(The Laramie Series Book 6)
By Karen J. Hasley

In the fall of 1919, Thea Hansen’s world seems to spiral out of control. First, her dearly loved father dies suddenly from the influenza epidemic sweeping across the globe. Then her brother, Lloyd, returns from The Great War transformed into a brooding stranger. Could it get any worse?

Yes, indeed. With a brutal murder close to home and her brother as chief suspect, Thea’s wildly spinning world doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. She’s lived in bucolic Blessing, Kansas, all her life, after all, and hasn’t had much experience with out-of-control worlds.

Still, the bright and level-headed Thea knows a good thing when she sees it, and she sees it in the person of Augustus Davis. As her brother’s former commanding officer, Gus Davis knows Lloyd is no murderer and as a skilled attorney, he’s determined to prove it. Together, Thea and Gus will deal with unexpected malice and obsession, with assault and fear, with secrets and suspects, and in the end, ordinary little Blessing will hold a lot of shocks for Thea Hansen. Passions revealed. Lies uncovered. Murderers exposed. But what Thea is willing to do to keep her world balanced and her future settled may be the most surprising thing of all.

To the Brink of Nuclear War
(Hashtag Histories)
By Philip Gibson

What if there had been social media during the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis?

This is not a story told in the usual book format. It is the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis told as if through posts on private social media feeds. The book follows the thoughts and actions of the main participants in the drama based on what those participants actually reported, or could have believably reported in private social media accounts, given who they were, what they knew and where they were at the time.

The year is 1962. The Kennedy brothers are in the White House. Nikita Khrushchev is in the Kremlin and Fidel Castro is in the Presidential Palace in Havana, Cuba. For a time, now widely referred to as “the most dangerous moment in human history”, these three men hold the future of modern civilization in their hands as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear apocalypse.

White Lion's Lady
(Warrior Trilogy Book 1)
By Lara Adrian

She was promised to another, but her heart belonged to him alone . . .

Abducted on the way to her wedding, heiress Isabel de Lamere is unaware that the scoundrel planning to use her for his own gain is the cherished champion of her childhood: Griffin, the White Lion. Yet even as she discovers his treachery, Isabel cannot deny that Griffin lingers in her dreams, awakening the passion in her steadfast heart.

Then a twist of fate puts a price on both their heads, embroiling them in a life-and-death chase that will force Griffin to choose between his own freedom and his fierce desire for the woman who would redeem his noble spirit. But to reclaim his lost honor, the White Lion could lose Isabel forever. . . .

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